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AGM 2016

Date:   Monday 14th November 2016
Venue: The
Parish Room, Warnham

Present: Committee members: Mike Coombs, Ann Lines, Tim Shelton, Peter Ballard, Rosie Browning, Joanne

Coombs, Michael Heeley, Nick Trout, Sue Whitty, Jo Waddingham
Club members: Jackie Hepburn, Anne Wilkinson, Jenny Faulkner, Paul Singleton
Apologies: Annabel and Mark McCord, Nick Leach, Margaret Bailey, Keith Beaney, Elaine and Roger Jowett,

The Evening began with a lasagne supper

Minutes of the 2015 AGM were accepted as a true record of that meeting. Proposed by by Joanne Coombs
seconded by Anne Wilkinson

Matters Arising from the Minutes:
It had been agreed at last years AGM to investigate the use of the LTA Clubspark package. Having looked at
what was on offer it was decided that being a small club we don't at present need to take this on board.

Chairman's report:
Highlights included:
  • Membership has increased to 93, exceeding our target of 90.
  • As a result sinking fund is in healthy state.
  • May Wimbledon draw event was well attended. Only 6 pairs of tickets due to reduced numbers opting in.
  • Ann to email members to opt in even if they don't wish for tickets for themselves.
  • GBTW - July 16th - first time we have done this and was a well attended event. Coach - Dave Almond stepped
in at last minute as Michelle Collins in hospital. Approx 9 new members from it.
  • Mixed doubles winter tournament - well supported but again an issue with the final as one player was away.
  • Again not enough Juniors for a tournament.
  • Successful Quiz night in Jan. Need better raffle prizes and dedicate more time for selling. Thanks to Roger and
Elaine for once again setting and delivering Quiz. Felt that there were perhaps too many rounds of questions
and too many questions in each round. McCords team won and they have offered to set the questions this time.
Ann to liaise with Annabel about dates.
  • Summer American tournaments good, helped by dry weather.
  • Mens Singles finals - again a problem with dates as a player away.
  • Courts still good, being repainted in Spring.
  • Book-it still works well.
  • Facebook slowly being used. Problem with linking to other sites, Ann to speak to Tom Leach.
  • Visitors fees have been less.
  • Group sessions - Tues and Fri working well. One court to be booked out on each day. Anyone can play but just
need to submit their name to go on a rota.
  • Sunday still as turn up and play. To investigate making this just one court.
Mike finished by thanking the committee for all their work and Mike received thanks for his efforts as Chairman
from the floor.

Treasurer’s report:
Sinking fund on track. Membership fees up by almost £400
Thanks were given to the auditor and Tim.
Report was accepted. Proposed Joanne Coombs, Seconded by Rosie Browning

Election of the Executive Committee:
Mike was happy to remain in his role as Chair, Proposed by Jackie Hepburn seconded by Sue Whitty
Ann was happy to continue as Secretary, proposed by Anne Wilkinson seconded by Rosie Browning
Tim was happy to remain in office as Treasurer, proposed by Rosie Browning, seconded by Peter Ballard
All remaining committee members happy to continue giving maximum numbers. Mike asked if any of those not
on Committee would be interested in standing but none were at this time.

Presentation of Trophies:
Tim presented trophies from this years tournament as follows:
  • Ladies Singles to Anne Wilkinson
  • Mens Singles to Nick Trout
  • Ladies Doubles to Ann Lines and Anne Wilkinson
  • Men's doubles to Mike Coombs and Peter Ballard

Ideas and suggestions from the floor:
Mixed Tournament - Ann had canvassed members for their preference of a choice of partner v names from a
hat plus whether to have a final v winner as top of league. Only 11 responses - 6-5 in favour of names out of a
hat and 7-2 (plus 2 with no preference) in favour of winner top of league. Ann to email members for names to
enter and then make random draw of partners, notifying members so that tournament can start from Dec 1st.

Finals in summer - Discussion about what the format should be with summer tournament. Points were raised
from the floor in favour of both finals and a league winner. Nick made suggestion that next year we hold no
Ladies doubles or men's doubles tournaments but instead have a Mixed doubles plus ladies and men's singles
with finals played for all three. This was unanimously agreed by the meeting.

Juniors - A discussion was held on ways to encourage junior membership. With lack of a clubhouse and close
toilet facilities it was felt this is always going to be an issue. It was decided that instead of a course of coaching
we should have a one off day with coaching and possibly a day competition offering free membership to the
winner. Committee to discuss further and speak with Michelle/ Dave Almond

Maintenance around the court - Peter drew attention to the fact that some tree clearing and weedkilling will
need to be done around the courts. He also pointed out that there is extensive mole activity. It was decided to
look at all these issues in the Spring and for Committee to schedule a working party for a date in March.

With no other matters raised, Mike thanked Joanne and Rosie for preparing and serving the food.

Meeting closed at 9.45

Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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