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AGM 2017

Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017
Venue: 7.15pm in Parish Room Warnham

Present: Committee members: Mike Coombs, Ann Lines, Tim Shelton, Peter Ballard, Rosie Browning, Joanne
Coombs, Michael Heeley, Nick Trout, Sue Whitty, Jo Waddingham
Club members: Paul Singleton, Nick Leach, Keith Beaney, Jacqui Calway, Janet and Peter Applegate
Apologies: Margaret Bailey, Anne Wilkinson, Anne Leahy, Trevor Goddard, Jenny Faulkner, Jackie Hepburn,
Daniel Evans

The evening began with a lasagne supper

Minutes of the 2016 AGM
These were accepted as a true record of that meeting. Proposed by Joanne Coombs, seconded by Michael Heeley

Matters Arising from the Minutes:
No matters arising

Chairman's report:
The Chairman, Mike Coombs reported:
  • Membership down slightly to 89 but still within objective to maintain a good sinking fund.
  • Courts have been well used, in latter months Dave Almond has given some private coaching.
  • Courts cleaned and repainted at beginning of season. Peter repainted benches.
  • With annual moss treatment and cleaning, next big expenditure should be resurfacing in approx 2021/22
  • Successful quiz again in January with Annabel and Mark McCord as quiz masters.
  • May Wimbledon draw event was well attended with again 6 pairs of tickets.
  • Rosie and Paul won the last winter Mixed tournament.
  • Entry levels very poor for summer tournaments so only a mixed competition held. Closely fought with Sue and Peter as eventual winners.
  • American tournaments had mixed attendance.
  • Bookit still working well although other bookings all have to go through Peter and Stephanie Ballard.
  • Facebook little used, a show of hands at the meeting indicated that very few of those present use Facebook.
Club sessions well supported.
  • Men's first Sat sessions were good with some round robin matches.
  • Whatsapp has been used for Men's sessions, could perhaps be trailed for others.
  • Ann organised a Ladies Day in August which was fully booked and included some non members.
Dave Almond added as replacement coach to Michelle on Website but has since left coaching.
  • New coach to be advised.
Mike ended his report with a thank you to all the committee and received thanks for his efforts as Chairman from the floor.

Treasurer’s report:
The Treasurer, Tim Shelton reported:
  • After major expenditure going to court repainting there is £10,000 remaining in account.
  • A discussion arose about the website and it was decided that a sub committee of Keith Beaney, Micheal Heeley and lead by Peter
  • The sub committee would revisit what is offered by the LTA in their Clubspark package.
Thanks were given to the auditor and Tim.
Report was accepted. Proposed Jo Waddingham, Seconded by Rosie Browning

Election of the Executive Committee:
  • Mike was happy to remain in his role as Chair, Proposed by Ann Lines seconded by Sue Whitty
  • Ann was happy to continue as Secretary, proposed Joanne Coombs seconded by Jo Waddingham
  • Tim was happy to remain in office as Treasurer, proposed by Joanne Coombs, seconded by Rosie Browning
Paul Singleton expressed an interest in joining the committee only if any vacancy and Nick Trout offered to
stand down. Paul was duly elected (proposed Rosie Browning, seconded Sue Whitty) and Nick received a vote
of thanks for his long and dedicated service on committee from all those present.

Presentation of Trophies:
  • Mike presented the mixed doubles trophy to Peter Ballard and Sue Whitty

Ideas and suggestions from the floor:
• Sue suggested we purchase a new banner, before this is done Nick to check details on one that is stored.
• Path to courts - Joanne reported that David Bridges has been kindly speaking with BBH PC about funding a
wood chip path through the wood to the courts. BBH have asked that Warnham PC contribute too as many
members from that parish. David now speaking with them. Paul Singleton and Nick Leach offered help with
spreading bark chip.
• Floodlights - Ann reported on an LTA workshop she and Joanne had attended on possible funding from LTA.
She will follow up with another partnership meeting in the New Year but many reservations were expressed
from those present including difficulty of getting planning, electricity supply set up costs, environmental issues
and uncertainty on future of CC.
• Membership fees were discussed and it was decided unanimously to raise Family, Couples and Single adult
fees by £5. Junior and student fees to remain the same.
• It was decided to reduce guest fees to £2.50 per guest with a maximum of £5 payable per session (so if three
guests, one goes free) This was in response to the fact that non member court booking fees are only £5 an
hour and the previous guest fee was £4 which was considered unfairly balanced.
• Quiz - it was decided to hold another quiz in January. Ann to speak with Annabel and Mark to check if they are
happy to be quizmasters and to find a date.
• Ann asked all those present to help encourage all members to opt in to the ballot and to help get those not
BTMs to sign up as our numbers are low as some previous BTMs have left and new members have not
joined up.
• Tournament - it was decided to wait until forms go out in the Spring asking for entries and Ann would then
report on number of entries received before deciding whether to hold a competition or not.
• Janet enquired whether the club had tried working with local schools. Mike was able to report on the
considerable past efforts.

With no other matters raised, Mike thanked Joanne, Rosie and Jo for preparing and serving the food.

Meeting closed at 10pm
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